Pool Closing Service

Here comes the autumn leaves and winter! Time to close the pool. Quality winterization and shut down is essential. During the procedure the underground pool plumbing is winterized, the cover is placed onto the pool, a final chemical analysis is done, the pool must be clean and sanitized, filtration system winterized, and summer pool hardware properly removed and stored. This step is essential in hard freezing states and is critical to the future success and safety of the pool. Winterizing protects your pool plumbing from cracks and damage, and also balances the pool one last time before the winter.  












Our full service pool closing include:

• Remove summer hardware and prepare for storage.
• Remove ladders, hand rails, diving boards, lights, and other pool hardware.
• Remove automatic cleaner and prepare for storage.
• End of season cleaning.
• Lower the water level if necessary in some pools.
• Backwash the filtration system, clean cartridges and DE filters.
• Install winter hardware and fittings.
• Winterize the pool plumbing, filter, pump, heater, etc.
• Perform a chemical test of the pool water. Adjust with chemical to balance the pool.
• Put the winter cover onto the pool, and cover pump if available.