Eleven steps to help maintain your pool


1) Backwash your pool sand filter. If you have a cartridge or DE filter clean the filter and recharge with DE.

2) Clean the pool's skimmer basket with a garden hose. Remove all hair, leaves, insects and other debris.

Replace the basket to its position.












3) Clean the pool's pump basket in the same manner as above. Ensure that the pump impeller is unclogged and operating normally. Replace the basket to it's position.











4) Visually check your pool's pressure gauge located on the filter. It should read zero when the pump and filter are off. If the pressure gauge "sticks" or reads anything other than zero with the pump off, replace the pressure gauge.


5) Fill the pump with water, place the lid on, and set the pool's filtration system to "filter" position. Ensure that the pool suction and return valves are open. Turn the pump on.











6) Once the pump has reached full prime and is operating fully check your filter's pressure gauge once more. Make note of the reading. This is you pool's "clean operating pressure." For this example we will say it reads 10 psi.

7) Let the system operate for at least 8 hours per day. I prefer to run the filter system 24/7 to ensure clean healthy water.

8) Check and clean pump and skimmer baskets often, if not daily. Vacuum debris, dirt and leaves from the pool when needed. Net or "skim" bugs and leaves etc. from the surface when it's necessary.

9) Check the pool filter's pressure gauge often. When your gauge reads 5 psi over the clean operating pressure, it's time to backwash the sand filter, or clean the cartridge or DE filter. In this example, the gauge will now be showing 15 psi.

10) Clean your filter according to the manufacturer's instructions. Recharge your DE filter. Clean and replace cartridges. This is also a good time to fill the chlorinator, brominator, or add salt to the pool if using a chlorine generator. Test the pool water with strips or test kit, and note the swimming pool's chemical readings, while the pool pump and filter are off.














11) Make chemical adjustments to balance the water, if necessary, and restart the system. Your filter pressure should return to it's clean operating pressure. Repeat these steps as needed.


Below are the chemical ranges for swimming pools.


pH 7.2-7.6

Total alkalinity 80-120 ppm

Cyanuric Acid (stabilizer) 40-70 ppm

Calcium Hardness 200-400 ppm

Total dissolved solids less than 2000 ppm

Free chlorine 1.0-3.0 ppm